Ellen P

Look no further for the rare and invaluable combination of board-certified skill and true compassion. Dr. Samuel and her team will most assuredly put both you and your pet at ease, make you both feel like you are the most important clients she will treat this year, take all the time you need to understand your pet’s condition, treatment, and prognosis, and execute a plan to have you and your pet feeling better as quickly as possible. There is nothing like the worry surrounding a condition requiring a veterinarian, let alone a specialist. Dr. Samuel understands this. She has the talent, knowledge, and experience to help you manage your pet’s issue(s). My Beezle and my Roscoe benefitted from her expertise, wisdom, and caring. I never hesitate to recommend her services to others. Such an asset to our area, as there are but a handful of veterinarians in the country with her certifications and even fewer with her level of patient (and human) bedside manner.

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