megan “curf”

Megan, “Curf”, joined the OVO team in June 2023. She graduated from Wilson College in 2007 with a bachelors in Veterinary Medical Technology and started a job as a veterinary receptionist in a general practice close to her home in Pennsylvania. After six months, she got a job at a seven doctor, three location, general practice where she became lead technician. After seven years, she decided to move on to specialty medicine and jumped in to ER practice in Maryland working overnights. An opportunity came open approximately a year later in advanced imaging (CT and MRI) in Virginia, so she took the job and stayed for almost 10 years before trying a new specialty with Ocean. She lives with her father, girlfriend, and girlfriend’s mother in nearby Wild and Wonderful West Virginia. She has a pug named Stella and four cats (Idgie, Ziggy, Bella, and Toodie).

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