Sophia joined the Ocean Veterinary Ophthalmology family in March 2022. She graduated from Michigan State University with the intent of attending veterinary school, but instead found her passion lies within the veterinary technician field. While living in beautiful Alaska, Sophia developed a keen interest in ophthalmology by working as a licensed veterinary technician, for at that time, the state’s only veterinary ophthalmologist. Sophia has many hobbies outside of work. She loves drawing, reading, and painting, and if she can do these activities outdoors- even better! Whether hiking, kayaking, running, or even just working in the yard, Sophia loves being outside. Thor, her beloved American Bulldog mix, or Ellie, her sassy Sheltie mix, will often join her outdoor ventures. Otherwise, she keeps busy at home with her three cats: Ramona, Archer, and Katya, and her ferret, Micaya.

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