Tosha Stark DVM

Dr. Samuel is amazing!!! As a veterinarian in Northern Virginia, I have referred many ophthalmology cases to her and her team. Whenever I call her about a case, she always takes time to walk me through diagnostics and treatment to help my patient until they can follow up with her. The other day I called her about a patient with a real bad corneal ulcer. She was headed into surgery when she got my call. She had her technician call me immediately to answer my questions.

When I refer a patient to Dr. Samuel, I make sure to let my client know that their pet will be seeing a competent and caring specialist. She has a gentle touch with patients and clients. I know about the gentle touch with patients on a personal level. My 9-year-old Boston Terrier “Kettle” started to develop a opaque/white color to her eyes. I knew that it was cataracts but was worried because she is my baby. Dr. Samuel was able to get us in quickly to reassure me that her cataracts were stable and that she didn’t need cataract surgery at the moment. She was started on medication to reduce any secondary effects of having cataracts.

I recommend Dr. Samuel with no reservations not only as a client of hers, but as a fellow colleague.

Tosha Stark DVM

All Four Paws Veterinary Relief, LLC

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